v. a.
Vilify, slander, calumniate, traduce, defame, disparage, slur, censure, impugn, malign, revile, lampoon, backbite, attack, abuse, blacken, blemish, besmirch, bespatter, befoul, defile, run down, detract from, speak ill of, accuse falsely, reflect upon, cast reflections upon, animadvert upon, cast reproach upon, vituperate, cast obloquy upon.

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  • Asperse — As*perse , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Aspersed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Aspersing}.] [L. aspersus, p. p. of aspergere to scatter, sprinkle; ad + spargere to strew. See {Sparse}.] 1. To sprinkle, as water or dust, upon anybody or anything, or to besprinkle… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • asperse — index brand (stigmatize), complain (criticize), condemn (blame), contemn, defame, denigrate …   Law dictionary

  • asperse — (v.) late 15c., to besprinkle, from L. aspersus, pp. of aspergere (see ASPERSION (Cf. aspersion)). Meaning to bespatter someone s character with rumor and false reports is recorded from 1610s …   Etymology dictionary

  • asperse — vb vilify, *malign, traduce, calumniate, slander, defame, libel Analogous words: disparage, depreciate, derogate, detract, *decry: revile, vituperate (see SCOLD): defile (see CONTAMINATE) Contrasted words: *praise, extol, laud, acclaim, eulogize …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • asperse — [ə spʉrs′] vt. aspersed, aspersing [< L aspersus, pp. of aspergere, to sprinkle on < ad , to + spargere, to sprinkle, strew: see SPARK1] 1. Rare to sprinkle water on, as in baptizing 2. to spread false or damaging charges against; slander …   English World dictionary

  • asperse — as•perse [[t]əˈspɜrs[/t]] v. t. persed, pers•ing 1) to attack with false and damaging charges or insinuations; slander; malign 2) to sprinkle; bespatter • Etymology: 1480–90; < L aspersus, ptp. of aspergere to sprinkle, asperse < a a… …   From formal English to slang

  • asperse — transitive verb (aspersed; aspersing) Etymology: Latin aspersus, past participle of aspergere, from ad + spargere to scatter more at spark Date: 15th century 1. sprinkle; especially to sprinkle with holy water 2. to attack with evil …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • asperse — asperser, n. aspersive, adj. aspersively, adv. /euh sperrs /, v.t., aspersed, aspersing. 1. to attack with false, malicious, and damaging charges or insinuations; slander. 2. to sprinkle; bespatter. [1480 90; < L aspersus besprinkled (ptp. of… …   Universalium

  • asperse — verb a) To sprinkle or scatter (liquid or dust). b) To falsely or maliciously charge another …   Wiktionary

  • asperse — Synonyms and related words: affront, calumniate, christen, defame, denigrate, deride, immerse, insult, libel, mock, offend, scandal, scandalize, slander, slur, sprinkle, taunt, traduce …   Moby Thesaurus

  • asperse — (Roget s Thesaurus II) verb To make defamatory statements about: backbite, calumniate, defame, malign, slander, slur, tear down, traduce, vilify. Law: libel. Idiom: cast aspersions on. See ATTACK, CRIMES, LAW …   English dictionary for students

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